So no one can hear

 Hello everyone, I’m 18 and I’m studying at the institute.
This is a story about how I lost my virginity with a 24 year old guy.
I came to my relative during the winter holidays.
She had long been helped by a guy working in the garden, cleaning the house. Lived Dorian on a nearby street.
I invited him to come in at night, the offer was tempting and he agreed.
My grandmother separated my house (there were 2 of them on the plot). But she did not know and could not even guess about the guest.
I watch porn.

Finally, at 22:47 he came to the house.

 – Come in quietly so that the dogs do not bark, otherwise the grandmother will hear.

 I cautioned him.

 He sat on the sofa and pointed to a seat nearby. I smiled and sat down beside him, but he jerked me to his lap. We kissed.
“I had never kissed French before,” I said, embarrassed. He grunted.
– It is very simple.
I expected his speech to continue, but he entered his mouth with his tongue. I clumsily answered the kiss. I didn’t notice how my underwear is visible from under the nightie. But it didn’t get away from Dorian’s eyes. He slowly reached for his buttocks and began to crush them.
I got up and pulled back.

– What are you doing? Dorian smiled.
 “I hope you won’t scream out loud.”

He rushed at me like a leopard and I recipitated through a stool and he was above me. I wanted to laugh at such an awkward situation. He kissed my neck, doing suction. – Do not. He looked into my eyes.
– Come on, I’m not doing anything like that. He continued. Dorian’s second arm was hosted on a pubic pub so far covered with a nightie. Dorian felt my hands try to push his heavy body away. The guy lowered my hands to the floor and pressed his.

 It was so embarrassing and embarrassing. Especially when he lowered the nightie’s brittle and lowered her to the stomach. The nipples hardened and in an instant I felt his hands clutching his chest with force.

 – Enough! I screamed.
 Fortunately, he listened and raised the nightie. He stroked his pubis and lowered his panties. Dorian unzipped his fly and everything inside me tightened.

– Please do not. I’m not ready! He took my hand and laid it on his cock. I abruptly removed it. He again laid it on the penis and began to drive it along its entire length. I turned away and squeezed my eyes shut. Dorian lay down again near the pussy and opened his labia. It tickled. He took the cream from the shelf and squeezed out more, applied to the pussy. He drove her up and down. I was reluctantly excited, but I understood where it was going. Then I jumped up sharply and crawled to the exit, but Dorian took me by the waist and carried me back. I cried and fought, and I even thought that he did not feel pain. Dorian laid me on the floor and abruptly entered the full length of the penis.

I screamed. A sharp burning pain was felt. Dorian put his hand over my mouth. I cried and begged him to be pulled out, he did not listen, I just stopped, as if I wanted to endure this pain. He finally began to move, I screamed while the hole was stretched. This hell lasted about 10 minutes and he pulled out a member. I cried, I thought that was all, but he also finished on the clitoris. I clamped my legs. Dorian grinned and opened his labia, began to examine everything. Dorian got up and pulled clothespins off the rope. I understood what he wanted to do and crossed my legs with force and moved away.

 “Well, I haven’t finished yet.”
 With these words, he fastened them to the nipples. I screamed as he released the clamps. I did not tolerate this and took them off immediately. Dorian got angry and grabbed my hands.
He put on clothespins again. I cried, screaming at the top of my voice. But no one heard me. I vaguely remember what happened next, but I remember the pain in my nipples and he was still trying to shove something into my vagina.

When he left I opened my eyes and began to rub my nipples, the hole was baking and sore. Dorian did not come that day.

 From that day on, I eat contraceptives for breakfast.


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