It turns out – it’s nice.

I think you can start the story. It is important to say that at the time of the story I was a virgin. To begin with, when I just started doing this, I was 19 or 18 years old (now I am 22). It was very scary, but even more interesting. I wanted to try and find out how my body will react to something otherworldly in the body.

One night, I played with myself, my pussy was so wet, it seems then I finished already two times. My little hole was squeezed and grease flowed out a little muddy white, and flowed directly to the ass. Having seen all kinds of porn, I wondered: “What will happen if you insert your fingers?”. Without thinking twice, I put my finger to the aisle and began to gently massage her while relaxing. After some time, I began to put it in the hole, and hell, I liked it so much! My tight hole squeezed my finger inside, while he massaged the walls. After some time, I already had two fingers in me, and after a couple of minutes – three.

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When I wanted something more, I went to a halt and thought about how to replace a member, because there was no way to buy a vibrator. I thought about it. The first thing that came to mind was the bottle of grease that I saw in the store. Considering this a great idea, I quickly finished what I was doing, washed, dressed and, of course, started to hope that I had enough money for this lubricant. Returning home I was delighted! My first toy, although in fact it was not, was 20 centimeters long and 8. wide. I was interested. My hands trembled with impatience, so I immediately went to my room and locked it in the lock.

Undressing and taking out the grease, I decided not to hesitate. I removed all the stickers and labels, so as not to spoil the feeling and began to squeeze a drop of grease on my fingers. The hole already greased with grease and the jar of grease itself were ready, but it was scary. Having swallowed, I placed the smooth tip of the jar at the entrance and tried to introduce myself. How painful it became! Thoughts even came to a head to stop, but interest was again higher. After a little thought, I found a grease support and set it upright. Sitting on her knees above her, I spread the halves to the sides and, holding my breath, slowly began to sink to the jar. It was damn painful, it seemed that my ass was going to tear, tears came to my eyes, but I continued. When half the jar was in me, I finally felt pleasure. It became so warm and pleasant, both of my holes contracted, I trembled with my whole body, and could not restrain my moaning (it was good that my parents had left for work).

After enjoying the moment, I continued to sit on a new friend and a minute later I lay booty up and moaned with pleasure. My ass tightened around the jar, it seemed that a little more and it will disappear in me. It was nice. I put my hand behind my back and started to fuck my ass with a jar of grease. How many times have I finished! I played not only with the ass, but also with the pussy, stroking and squeezing the clitoris, and again finished. It was good, probably not to describe in words, but from that day on every day I played with my holes, stretched my anus and enjoyed the process. Once I fell asleep with a jar in the pope, and in the morning I got scared when I felt something in myself. Having pulled it out, I realized that my ass was very stretched and would not soon return to normal, by the way she completely contracted in three days.

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So now, when I’m 21, there are a lot of vibrators and toys in my bedside table, or more precisely, five vaginal vibrators, eight anal vibrators, anal beads, plugs, ponytails … I think I became addicted.


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