I decided to surrender to the courier

 And so, I’m 19 years old, my name is Lexa and I am a first year student. I came to the city where the university is located from a small town in our region. Shortly before starting my studies, my boyfriend went to the army, and far enough. Not wanting to live in a hostel, I began to rent an apartment. The apartment was a ten minute walk from the university, which pleased me.

I will describe myself: I am a slender blonde, with blue eyes, small breasts and a height of 165 cm. I have never considered myself beautiful, but also scary.

 Since Vincent (my boyfriend who deprived me of virginity) joined the army, I lived without sex. And since I love sex very, very much, I masturbated almost every day.

 That day, as usual, after showering myself in the evening, shaved my kitty, lay on the bed, turned on porn and began to please myself … On the screen, the guy had a girl in the dressing room, it turned me on and I jerked off, but suddenly I heard a call in the door. This alerted me, I obviously did not call guests. Throwing a short peignoir, I opened the door.

A guy stood on the threshold, looking a little older than me. Tall, not to say that handsome, but not scary. Looking around me, and clearly rejoicing in my appearance (I would have, a peignoir with a deep neckline, almost open legs), he said, “Here is the agenda for such and such” … The citizen who had the agenda was a man who was renting me an apartment. He was old and owned several apartments. He lived on the income from them. I said he was gone. The guy asked if I could pass, I said yes … He asked for water and I told him to go. He stood in the hallway very shy. I asked if he was cold, and offered to drink tea. We sat down, I took out sweets, poured warm tea … We drank tea, he said that he was a student at a financial university, moonlighting as a courier in court, I talked about myself. We talked about this and that, Daniel (his name is) said “you’re so sexy, it’s hard for me to overcome my desire” … I leaned over to his face and kissed silently … then she whispered “Don’t overdo it.” .. I was started all this tea drinking, and decided to surrender to this first comer.

Daniel grabbed me by the arms and carried me into my room … Raising the hem, he ran his tongue over my legs and began to caress my pussy … He did it well … Licking a little, he said “your turn” … I he unfastened his jeans, pulled out an assembly from his underpants and began to grow up … The member was modest – 13-14 centimeters, but I was glad about that … Licking my testicles and head, I started to suck it … Taking it completely, then the head, then generally just licking it … He said that he could no longer … He took off his peignoir and entered me … Oh yeah … I have been waiting for this for a long time … He fucked me with sludge … Kissing his face, lips, neck, chest … he held my ass with his hands, grabbing it to pain, so that there were bruises …

Then Daniel put me in a crustacean and started to fuck like that … I ended up machine gun … I yelled at the whole porch … Hearing only him “what a hot … my woman … mmmmm …” Then I was on top … then on the side … It was bliss … We fucked him for almost an hour … After another sweet convulsions, I didn’t feel anything, I realized that he was on me and fuck me … It was a wild buzz … I scratched his back … Licked his ears and neck. .. He took out his h ene and finished on my face. Exhausted, we fell asleep … We woke up already late at night. I washed myself. He said “It’s time for me to call a taxi, or it’s too late” … I said that he should stay … And again …

We went to the shower … He fucked me in the shower … Played with my clit .. Oh, yes, he was great in sex … I never felt so much pleasure … Having sex we went to sleep … In the morning I woke up, I had to the first couple … Waking him with a blowjob, and for the first time in my life swallowing sperm I fed him a light breakfast and we ran to school, exchanging phones. On the threshold he asked, “What is your name then?” … I said “Lexa” … Yes, at that moment I felt like a fallen woman, but a happy fallen woman. And now for two months, my sweet lover comes to me several times a week.


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