Fucked friend’s girlfriend

 The touch of her hands and the smell of her hair is a symphony that excites and excites my blood. Everything inside is turned over from the sight of only one person. How long have I wanted to fuck her, my sweet girl.

My friend Paul’s girlfriend has been attracting me for a long time, but since we’re friends, I’m not even trying to get into these relationships, as I’ve been friends for about 10 years. Paul is Latin and raised in his original traditions, even though he lives outside of it from birth. I will try to describe it.

Outwardly, he is a handsome oriental man, with abundant male bristles, like all representatives of his nationality, has large muscular shoulders in general, there is everything to catch girls. On the contrary, I’m a little pretty in appearance, I have a slightly athletic body structure.

Paul is very jealous and does not allow Nancy (this is the girl about whom the story is) to walk until late, and even more so walk with guys and drink alcohol. Their relationship has been going on for a long time, throughout the year and naturally they have already managed to sleep with each other. Mentally, I realized that the moment was missed and did not give myself false hopes. Until fate smiled at me once …

It was in the summer. We as a whole company decided to go to the camp site for a rest. This is about 20 people (along with me, Paul and Nancy). They wanted to fry kebabs, drink, everything is as it should. We ordered houses and hit the road. I do not want to bore you with stories about what we did there and how we got to the condition in alcohol and will move on to the sweetest moment.

I was a little tipsy and burst into the house to my place to go to bed, and the fun continued and gained momentum. I watch porn and as soon as I relaxed , someone came into my house and it was Nancy. I asked her: “Why aren’t you with the others?”, To which she replied to me “There are all bukhovy, they joke their vulgar jokes and continue to drink even if they don’t climb. I saw that you left and decided to quietly follow you to spend the rest evenings in a normal adequate company. ” And at that moment I realized that I needed to act somehow.

We chatted, then I got Nancy because it was getting cool and under the heat of the bodies and a slight alcoholic intoxication I kissed her. She did not resist and succumbed to a kiss, I immediately got a member and I was already looking forward to how sweetly I fuck her until no one sees. Nancy allowed her breasts to be stroked, her crotch to be rubbed through clothes, and in addition she began to massage my standing member. I slowly but surely took off her shirt and bra. Fearing that we would be burned at the time of the hottest intercourse, I offered to go upstairs (the house was two-story), Nancy was all for it.

There was lust and a noticeable play of alcohol in her eyes. Upstairs, I took off her shorts and fell to her crotch, inhaling them through her panties. Nancy only breathed excitedly and did not say anything. I took off all that was superfluous, remaining only in my underpants, and completely bared her. How sexy she was, the big nipples poured with excitement on the big breast that I kissed and the poured swollen clit from the excitement that I fingered with my fingers made this night magical. She took off my underpants, and this served as a signal for me.

I entered her hole, which flowed so much. I walked in slowly, enjoying every inch of her vagina, but the fear of being noticed did my thing and within a second I fucked her faster and faster covering her mouth with my hand to drown out the moans. My grease oozed from the penis as if I was pissing inside her, and her discharge flowed down my legs, it seemed to me that this squelching was heard by everyone around.

 I abruptly turned her over with cancer and continued to fuck her pussy. She wriggled and moaned so much that she soon finished without waiting for me and sat down on her elbows dutifully lying waiting until I was discharged. A few minutes later I fucked her as best I could. He stuck the whole penis to the end, made sharp movements, my eggs beat loudly against her pussy, I felt that a wave was coming up and sticking out the penis abundantly ended on her back. We lay silently on the bed, tired but happy (at least I). After a couple of minutes, I wiped the sperm from her back, we got dressed and Nancy went to bed in her house, and I fell asleep on the bed on which my friend’s girlfriend was fucking.

2 years have passed since then, and always, when Ramil leaves somewhere, I fuck Nancy. Because real friends will always support a girl friend in difficult times!


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