Alexa – artist

 I am writing on behalf of a fictional character, all the characters in this text are fictitious, any coincidence with reality is an accident. Alexa – an 18-year-old girl who has just graduated, is going to go to university, paints portraits to her friends and discovers a lot of new things.

Part 1.

Hello, my name is Alexa, and I will tell you stories related to my creative work, as well as what can happen to a little sexy girl who has no boundaries. I am still a virgin, but I plan to change it soon. My parents strictly controlled me until 18, but now I am a completely free person and try to earn at least something for a living using my creativity. I started with portraits of acquaintances, but sometimes there are orders from my advertising on the Internet.


Alarm at 6:40. I wake up waiting for a cool creative day, I need to draw a portrait of Nick – a 19-year-old guy who found me on the Internet. I got out of bed, looked at myself in the mirror. Beauty, 2 breast size, height 167, not very thin, but no extra pounds. I sleep without underwear, so in the morning I can fully enjoy my body. I did exercises, it became hot, I decided to go to the balcony and forgot that I was completely naked and since I live on the 2nd floor, people on the street were able to enjoy the beautiful view. I was soaked at the thought that people were looking at me.

There was still 2 hours left until the meeting, so there was time to relax, I took out my vibrator-massager from the box and began to imagine on the subject of nudity in public. The first orgasm came in 15 minutes and I decided to finish this.

I went into the shower to wash off my juices and cheer up under a contrast shower. After the shower, breakfast with cottage cheese and fresh coffee. It remains about an hour before the meeting, it is time to pack up and leave the house. I put on my favorite shorts-shorts (I like the shape of my butt in them), wide sweatpants, a white shirt without a bra. Gathering my work bag. I decided to get to Nick’s address by bus. The bus started to sweat, it was +27 on the street. Take the elevator to the 7th floor. I am ringing the door, Nick is standing on the threshold.

“It looks more beautiful than in the photo on the social network,” I thought. The apartment was davolno hot, it turns out he had a broken air conditioning. I put him in a chair in a pose suitable for creating an ordered portrait. I take out my working tools. After half an hour I understand that I am already very hot and I am thirsty. Nick brought me a glass of water; she had never been so happy with water.

Accidentally spilled a little bit on the shirt. “I wonder if Nick can see my breasts through pieces of tissue that have become transparent,” I thought. She continued to paint a portrait, but this thought did not leave me. I began to get excited by thoughts. I decided not to be distracted and paint a portrait. After 15 minutes, I noticed a hump in Nick’s pants. “He still sees.” “And he’s cool.” “This is a chance to lose her virginity,” I decided. I went to him, sat on my knees. “Did you like me too?” I asked. He did not answer, but simply kissed me on the lips. I began to take off his clothes, he continued to kiss me and began to crawl under my shirt and touch my chest. He also began to undress me, put it on the table and began to pull off his pants and underpants. “The first person to see my smoothly shaved pubis and vagina.” He started making me a cooney. “How divine it is.”

The first orgasm began to approach. “AAAAAA, yes, go on.”

This was my first screaming orgasm. He entered my vagina with his tongue, licked his labia and sucked the clitoris. It was just a great few minutes.

He began to kiss my whole body, pinching my nipples. “He must be pleased.” I got out of his embrace and began to pull the remaining clothes from him.

Big, I thought.

Previously, I saw only a member of my father once in a bathhouse. I didn’t know how to suck correctly, but I applied all my skills obtained from viewed free porn and books. I didn’t dare to deeply swallow his cock, but I was able to hold it somewhere in the middle, interrupted a little to suck his balls (I saw that they do this in porn).

Then the penis started to suck again, it began to throb and I prepared as I could, it was not as I imagined, he finished in my mouth, I almost choked, but swallowed everything. Coughing, I noticed that his cock began to subside little by little and decided that it was necessary to suck so that he could proceed to my defloration. Nick’s cock got hard again.

“I’m still a virgin,”

I said, looking up from his cock. “I will do everything as pleasantly as possible,”

Nick said. Started to enter. “Unusual feeling.”

I feel how the sex grosses began to stretch. I grabbed at the shoulders when the pleva began to tear. “All I am no longer a virgin.”

His movements accelerated, I began to moan. It was no longer painful, but very pleasant.

“You can end up in you,” Nick asked.

“No,” I replied.

I had not yet started taking birth control, and we had not thought about a condom in advance. He finished my pubis. He began to lick his sperm and licked a little clitoris. I finished again


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